Compass Point of View


Contributing Writer

I chose my Compass endeavor because I am passionate about animals and wanted to do something to help. 

I had never been to an animal shelter before I started this endeavor. It was a sad experience to see how the animals are required to to live, but we were able to brighten their days by taking them for walks and petting them.  

I found fellow students on campus that shared my passion for animals who also wanted to help. I worked with Makala Ramey and Gilbert Ibarra to develop “Help the Humane,” a two-part endeavor that would allow us to help the Habersham Humane Society. 

The first part of our endeavor involved visiting the animal shelter several times to walk and play with the dogs. The second part allowed us to host an event on campus. 

The event was called “Paws for a Cause,” and it enabled us to have a dog and cat food drive to support the shelter. 

The Humane Society also brought adoptable dogs to the event, which raised awareness for the shelter and the animals as well. 

Our sponsor for this endeavor, Kay Beavers, is an active member of the Habersham Humane Society and was able to educate us about their mission to help local animals and assist us throughout our endeavor. 

This endeavor allowed us to raise funds and items to donate to the animal shelter, and that allows them to better serve our community. 

There are a multitude of opportunities for Compass endeavors, but my advice is to do something that will make you feel accomplished at the end. 

Thirty hours goes by quickly when you are doing something you enjoy.