Medina initiates charity play called “Yellow Letters”


Staff Writer

“Yellow Letters” is a self-initiated student-independent project by junior theatre major Savannah Medina with the final product being a charity theatrical play, based on the original theatrical script that Medina has written. With a cast of 13 Piedmont students, the play is going to premiere in Swanson Center in spring 2016.

As the head of project and the writer of the script, Medina explained that “Yellow Letters” is an emotional tragedy about the struggles that the men and women go through when they receive the news that their loved ones that they sent to war are not coming home.  

“My family has always been closely tied to the military, and I’ve noticed that although there is a lot of attention on the soldiers fighting overseas, no one notices their families or the pain of having them be apart,” said Medina. “Because of my ties to the military, I’ve always fear experiencing the emotions that the characters in my play go through. I started thinking, if I’m so terrified of being just like them, I can’t imagine the agony and frustration that they are going through. The fact that not many people know about what they go through is unbelievable.” 

According to Medina, the purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the stress and pain the families of deployed soldiers go through, as the audience is going to witness the experiences of four women and a man who send their loved ones into war and hear tragic news. 

The project contains a charity element. Before the show, there will be a donation box located in the Swanson Center, various raffle items and paracord bracelets for sale. 

All of the money collected from the play, the donations and the profits will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Medina’s ultimate goal in life is to open up her own fine arts summer academy that will keep students occupied during the summer, while channeling and developing their talents in creating art, which will eventually stamp a sense of vision and motivation for students to take the right path in life.