Posting pictures of your meals on social media


Contributing Writer

Unless you are a regular Bobby Flay or Paula Deen, do not overdo posting pictures of your meals. 

If done perpetually, it can become rather annoying. 

That is not to say the beautiful bumble-berry pie you spent three hours making has to always go unnoticed. Exceptionally delicious-looking meals could be shared to make mouths water. 

And, then there are the occasions when a meal transcends itself, and it becomes something much more. 

In such instances, the right thing to do is take out your phone out and snap a photograph. 

Do not, however, let your food get cold because you can’t decide between the mayfair or lo-fi filter on Instagram.  

As is the case with everything in life, you must prioritize your actions. 

Those who insist on posting a picture of their food on social media before “digging in” may need to be assessed for a disorder. 

The only problem is, the aforementioned disorder has yet to be named and has the world’s leading psychologists scratching their heads. 

One “expert” even claims that photographing food may be a sign of mental illness. 

I don’t know if we are there yet, but on second thought, “True Life: I’m Addicted to Posting Food Pictures” does sound like a real possibility at this point.

Final thoughts on this matter: post food pictures if you want to post food pictures. 

But you have been warned: repetitive food pictures will inevitably begin to take a toll on how people view you.
Slowly, but surely, over time, your friends and followers will begin to resent you until they have no choice but to unfollow you. 

Avoid such a sad tale as you rise above the temptation to post the fruit salad that makes you think, “Oh my God, this fruit salad is so cute. I have to post it,” even if the chocolate waffles you posted for breakfast already have 17 likes.