Zackary Turner to Bring “Suddenly Last Summer” to Piedmont


Contributing Writer

This week, senior theater major Zackary Turner began rehearsals for his capstone project, which is a play entitled “Suddenly Last Summer.” 

The play is produced and directed by Turner, and the project consultant is Chair of Theater Department Bill Gabelhausen. Turner’s cast includes seven Piedmont student actors, and the show will take place in the Black Box Theater at the Swanson Center. The date is to be announced. 

Originally written by Tennessee Williams, this psychological drama focuses on the mysterious death of Mrs. Venerable’s son, Sebastian, who spent his vacation last summer with her niece, Katherine. 

Although Katherine witnessed every detail of Sebastian’s death, the event remains a mystery. Confusion arises as Doctor Cuckovch comes to solve the murder. 

Around 20 theater students auditioned for Turner’s show.  

“There were a lot of characters to choose from,” said Turner. “I wanted to cast more, but there were only two men and five female characters available. I went with my gut, and when I saw the chemistry among actors on stage, it filled the bug picture for me.”

The “Suddenly Last Summer”  cast includes Jamie Doublet, Brecken Watts, Hannah Ritter, Terrance Ogden, Chey Osoria, Morgan Shawa and Brandon Deen.

With Gabelhausen by his side, Turner will also be the main coordinator and stage manager.

When asked about the choice for his capstone project material, the double major in theater arts and theater education said: “I chose to work on Tennessee William’s play because he is one of the most prolific writers in American theater. Although, there has been a constant tendency of his work being preformed, there is a gap at this moment. Williams, in my opinion, does a good job of creating human characters and portraying hat it means to be human. The play is the most poetic and the most intense work I have ever read.”

After Turner graduates from Piedmont with a degree in theater arts and education, Turner plans to get an Master’s of Fine Arts in acting and directing and pursue an acting and directing career in the professional world before he goes to teach in theater schools.