Must Have Apps for College Students


Features Editor

Let’s face it: college is a time of extreme stress and worry. 

It’s hard enough to manage time as a college student, but when all of the distractions that this generation faces, it becomes even more difficult.  Because of technology, millennials have the ability to get on Instagram and Twitter during class or watch Vine for an hour straight when there is homework to be done. 

Despite technology being a potential distraction, it does come with perks.

 According to, the app store for both Apple and Android users has over three million apps combined.

 Using certain apps can help with the time management issues that students may face by helping with organization and studying. Out of the many apps offered, I have researched which ones are best for college-aged students.

1) RefME: This app is  used for citing sources and building bibliographies. 

With all of the countless papers that students have to write, this app can come in handy. The app even allows users to scan the barcode on a book to immediately get all the sources within that book. 

2) Studyguide: This app is perfect for getting organized. 

It allows users to put in their class schedules and when assignments are due. There’s even a spot to load documents onto.  

3) Quizlet: This app is like having flash cards right in one’s hand. 

It allows users to make their own flash cards, and it gives the ability to study anywhere without the hassle of having tons of flashcards to carry around. It’s like playing a game and studying at the same time. 

4) Flipboard: With this app, users can create their own personal magazine. 

One can keep up with news, topics they like and share videos and stories. This is very convenient for students because they don’t always have time to watch the news. It’s a great resource to stay up-to-date on things going on around the world. 

5) Dragon Dictation: This app allows users to speak into their device and talk out notes or papers. 

This can be very helpful for those that are slow at typing. This versatile app is perfect for on-the-go students who don’t have time to type their papers or notes. 

So, whether team Apple or team Android, these applications can be very beneficial to students. 

Technology, can, at times, be overwhelming and distracting, but it can also be a saving grace for students who need extra help getting their lives in order. Technology isn’t going anywhere, so embrace the resources that it provides, such as these helpful apps. Use them as tools to get through college rather than being distracted by them.