What SGA has done for me


Contributing Writer

We’ve probably all heard sayings about opinions and everyone having them, and we’ve all been told we are entitled to them. However,  not all of us were born with the ability to voice them. 

I fell under that wonderfully introverted category the way the apple fell from the tree. It was natural.  It was easy to hide if I was quiet about my thoughts. It. Was. Easy. 

Who doesn’t want easy, right? Well, the Student Government Association taught me that easy wasn’t good enough. 

I was really living when I stepped outside of my comfort zone and stated my opinion, when I was helping other people. And if I couldn’t help them, I was connecting them with the people that could. We all were.  

The Student Government Association gave me the ability to vocalize opinions and back them with action. Before I came in to Piedmont College my freshman year, I would say that my opinions felt like weaknesses to me. 

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the Student Government and given the ability to be a mouthpiece for others that I gained the vital importance of speaking my mind. I know it’s silly to think that it took so long in life, but something clicks when you’re sitting at that monthly meeting next to people who are so confident and driven, and those same people are working  together with you for the betterment of others’. 

SGA instilled a confidence in me that not only helped me become a better advocate for myself but a better advocate for others. 

It keeps your critical thinking abilities acute and gifts you with what I would say is a daily growth in better discernment.  

Every motion that is made and every “second” that follows is a chance that someone else asked for that now has the opportunity to blossom.  

SGA is a place where people come together despite their differing opinions and find a way to better improve the life of Piedmont College students.

 It will help you gain a better understanding of the importance of a single opinion. It will teach you to execute your actions in a motivated and professional manner, and it will give you a deeper appreciation of all the different types of individuals this campus holds.