How to efficiently study for finals


Features Editor 

It’s official. The most dreaded time of the year is here: finals week. Studying for them can be a huge pain if done at the last minute or by cramming. Knowing how to study efficiently for your exams is crucial to avoid that unnecessary stress and ace them all.

This time of the semester is the time when everything seems to go wrong. We are more stressed than ever, and we’re also in the middle of trying to figure out our summer plans, jobs and internships. Despite the end of the year crashing down on us, it’s time to grab finals week by the horns. Although we would like to prepare for them by getting a relaxing massage or playing with puppies, that is impractical, so turn this time of stress into a time of success using these tools:

•Mentally prepare. Make a to-do list of the things you have to do so you don’t forget anything.  This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed, and you will stay organized. 

•Start now. Don’t wait until a day or two before the scheduled exam to start studying. Start early, and study little by little. Go over your notes and materials for each class, and make yourself a study guide. 

•Study out loud. It may sound a bit crazy, but repeating the information out loud or teaching it to someone else can help you remember the information better. Finish with quizzing yourself or having someone else quiz you. 

 •Say YES to cardio. Make sure that in-between studying you are getting some type of exercise and are eating correctly. Your physical health affects your mental health if you’re not careful. 

•Minimize distractions. Some students like to text friends, listen to music and watch television while studying. But, studies have shown that you are less likely to retain information that way, so put aside distractions while studying for finals. 

•Wake up ready and alert. Just because you don’t have other classes the day of your exams doesn’t mean you should sleep until the last possible minute. While it is important to get plenty of rest, don’t over do it. Sleeping too long can make you feel groggy and even more tired. Wake up the morning of your exam, eat a good breakfast and make sure you’re sharp eyed and ready to face that test.