Holy queso, Batman.



When you drive through the area around Piedmont’s Demorest campus, you cannot help but notice how many Mexican themed restaurants there are. If I was a restaurateur in this area, I would think about changing it up. How many Mexican restaurants does this area need?  

I would love to see an actual sports bar that is open on Sunday and actually has NFL games showing.  Instead, we have tons of restaurants closed on Sunday, and if they are open on Sunday, it’s usually a Mexican restaurant. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love eating authentic Mexican food, and I enjoy a bowl of queso. But I would love to have more of a variety of restaurants around campus to go to. 

I truly wonder why there are so many different Mexican restaurants. Is it the culture in the area, or does the community of Demorest really love Mexican food? 

I think that bringing a variety of restaurants to the area would create a better night life around campus for people to go out on dates or just hang out with friends. This would add popularity to the area which would create more revenue for the county and would possibly create jobs.

 I would love to see more restaurants like Chili’s or an Applebee’s that are relatively inexpensive but cater to a wide variety of people and styles of food. At Chili’s, a person can order a hamburger and another person can order a quesadilla. It makes everyone in a group able to agree on a restaurant and have the ability to choose between a variety of foods. 

While I know that college students don’t have a ton of money to spend, they do like to spend money on food. Restaurateurs should think about catering to a big part of the area instead of opening up another Mexican restaurant.