Senior Art Majors Show What They Know



A&E Editor

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While there is much debate between what majors have the hardest capstone, there is no denying that the senior art majors’ capstones are not easy. To graduate from Piedmont’s art program, seniors must complete an entire exhibition and have a reception for their art.

Senior art major Mikayla Wells spent a little over a year on the exhibit for her capstone, “Perfect Imperfections.” Wells capstone was April 9 in the Mason-Schafenstein museum of art.

 “I wanted to show that no one is as perfect as people show on the cover of magazines, and the work that it takes to get there,” said Wells of her capstone. 

To do this, Wells took apart images of people to create a mask like image on the portraits’ faces. 

 “The advertising industry profits on creating insecurities where there previously were none because their models look so unnaturally beautiful,” said Wells in her artist statement. “We, as a society ,never see the work that goes into making the people we view as our idols look perfect on the cover of magazines. If we could see the marks they made and the tools they use in photoshop, they wouldn’t be so perfect anymore.”

Also on April 9, but in the Smith Williams gallery, was Staci Stulhoff’s capstone, “Liquidity of Life,” which studied the effects water has on the Earth and the environment.

Stulhoff said in her artist statement that she was constantly finding new ways to “express the power of liquids in life and how it affects the world.”

Stulhoff used a variety of different mediums and colors to show her feelings about water in the environment, including, according to her statement, “underwater photography, high-speed and macro photography, abstract works and human interactions with liquids.”

Stulhoff summed up her philosophy on her exhibit with a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci in her statement, “In water and life, everything changes.”

There are still more senior art capstones, the next one being “Taboo,” by Nikki Blanchard, continuing to the end of the month, so come out and support your fellow students’ hard work.