Communication is key


Sports Editor, Interim-EIC

Communication remains one of the most important parts of human interaction.  If we could not communicate, humanity would not be where it is today.

I personally place a major emphasis on communication. I mean, come on, my majors are mass communications and English. I literally study how to communicate. But what angers and surprises me all the time is when others don’t understand the importance of communication.

A simple “I am working on it” or “I’m sorry, but I already made plans” can keep tensions from rising between you and a peer, friend, co-worker or even a professor.

In the age of technology, communicating is so much easier than it was in previous years, and a quick text or email can calm the nerves of someone who might be depending on you for something.

I don’t care if you absolutely hate someone, but if you have a job to get done with that person, you need to learn how to communicate well with him or her.  And have you ever stopped to think that maybe your initial hatred of a person is because of your inability to properly communicate with him or her?

Even Forbes Magazine published a story about how today’s most important skill is communication.  Within the first paragraph, the writer Greg Satell said, “In order to innovate, it’s not enough to just come up with big ideas, you also need to work hard to communicate them clearly.”

And communication is hard work, but once you get into the habit of it, I promise your relationships, your grades and even your life in general will improve. ​