“Dancing Through Life” [SLIDESHOW]


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Piedmont senior Shelby Whitehouse’s capstone entitled, “Dancing through Life” was held on Wednesday, March 18 on the Swanson Center Main Stage. “Dancing through Life,” was a tribute to Whitehouse’s life-long passion for dancing. 

Whitehouse has been dancing since she was three years old. Her parents opened a dance studio while she was in high school. 

“Dance is a way of expressing myself to the audience,” Whitehouse said. 

Other students were involved in her capstone presentation as well, including Whitehouse’s younger brother. 

Between the change of dances, the students came out on stage and told their personal stories of dance and what they believed it meant to them. 

Many genres of music were featured in the presentation such as Michael Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Mark Ronson’s latest release featuring Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk.” A number of different dance genres were also featured such as tap, traditional Irish and elegantly choreographed contemporary.

“It was pretty good. It was amusing. The students had a really good connection between each other,” sophomore criminal psychology major Jessica Triguero said. 

Freshman mass communications major Leslie Pritchett said, “I really enjoyed it. I went into the theater thinking it was going to be a boring ballet show. Once it started, I realized it was more of a variety of stuff.”

Whitehouse participated in choreographing the dances and created the playlist of music used in the capstone. Her hard work shone through every performance, captivating the audience with every movement. 

“I came to take pictures, but I just wanted to put my camera down and just watch the performances because it was so good. The students that participated with her were really close to her,” said Prichett. “You could tell she was very passionate about what she was doing.”