Tattoos Around Campus

Taylor Carter, junior English major



“I got my tattoo because of my survival of cancer as well as to show my support for all the cancer patients out there. 

The first family member to see it was my mom. She was shocked at first but loved it when she saw it in person. Everyone that has seen it so far has loved it. 

I got it done at Celtic Crowe near Piedmont. They were super nice and very professional. If I ever have the desire to get another one, I will go there.” 

James Torres, junior business major




My first ink was my horoscope sign. It’s “My first ink was my horoscope sign. It’s to remind me not to allow that shell to hold me back and have my voice heard. Matt Reynolds at Mr. Lucky Tattoo, he’s a great artist and a family friend, so I felt confident in him performing my first and second tattoos. My family was really supportive of both my tattoos. As for my friends, they mostly made fun of them for the obvious jokes you could think of.”

Christi Spence, junior education major


“It was something I had wanted for a few years. It’s related to my religious beliefs, so it means a lot to me. 

My family and friends weren’t really supportive at first, but they’ve gotten used to it and like it now. 

I really liked my tattoo from the second it was finished to now. It is a great symbol and reminder to me of how I want to conduct myself.” 


Kendall Newell, junior education major


“I got my tattoo with my mom and sisters, but we kept it a secret from my dad for a few days because we thought he’d react badly. But he was really okay with it when he found out.

We went to the parlor and each of us designed the stencil of the hearts that we wanted. My sisters, my mom and I all have three hearts on our feet, but they’re all slightly different and unique to us.”