Say what you need to say


Opinions Editor

As a mass communications major, there is an issue that I feel more passionately about than most people, censorship. 

Merriam Webster defines censorship as “a person who supervises conduct and morals.” 

In our society, we have seen censorship evolve into those in positions of power creating regulation regarding what we can and cannot say or do. 

As America moves into a more technological age, we have become more careful of what we say online or in public, but this fear is not something we should give into, especially on our campus. 

Though Piedmont College may too often feel like its own world, separate from the rest of humanity, we are still susceptible to the laws, which govern our great nation, including freedom of speech and press. 

As the Opinions editor, I have asked many people to write for me or give quotes, and most students are too afraid to give an opinion on their school or the department they work for because they might get reprimanded. 

This is completely ridiculous. Telling student workers or student leaders that they aren’t allowed to write for the paper or give a quote or post something on social media that might be considered controversial to one person is censorship. 

We are still in the developing stages of who we will be as we move into adulthood, and teaching us that censorship is acceptable is simply not okay. 

I am amazed that even in a small, liberal arts college, we find a way to stifle student voices and make them feel as if “adults” know better for us than we do. 

Regardless of your position on campus or job, you have the right to speak out and say anything you want without fear of being fired. 

So, the big question is, how can you help? 

The answer can be best explained by the flawless Elle Woods: “Speak up America. Speak up! Speak up for the home of the brave! Speak up for the land of the free gift with purchase! Speak up America! Speak up! And remember, you are beautiful.” 

But really, use your voice. Write an opinions article, post a Facebook status, stand on the quad and scream. Don’t live in fear. 

You have the ability to say whatever you want. Use it.