What you should know about your major


Staff Writer


There is a broad selection of majors that students here at Piedmont can pursue. Ranging from education to art to business, none of these majors are concrete. Students can double major, have a minor, or both. There are many things students can study at one time that will lead to a multitude of career opportunities. 

Each major offered at Piedmont College has stereotypes about all aspects within it. Due to these stereotypes, it’s important to find out the truth about your major when you’re first dipping your feet into it. Choosing a major is difficult enough already for most of us, but when you throw in the stereotypes of some of them, it can scare students away from pursuing them. To find out the truth, what better way than to ask those who have gone before you?

Mass Communications:

Senior mass communications major, Patrick Ammons, said, “As intimidating as he can be, DVC is my favorite mass comm. professor. He taught me everything I know about radio and gives honest feedback about how to improve. It is also nice to have someone as experienced as he is in the studio with you from time to time.”


Senior early-childhood education major, Carsey Pilcher discussed her favorite class within the education field, saying, “I really enjoyed Science Methods. The course was a lot of fun. We got to observe and perform multiple science experiments that we could use to teach a variety of science concepts in our own classrooms.”


Junior nursing major, Mary Rushton, discussed the level of difficulty regarding nursing, saying, “There is a lot of work we have to do, and I’m always studying. The tests are also very hard because of the select all that apply questions. It’s going to be hard, but in the long run, it is so worth it. So don’t give up and continue to push through it!”


Junior music education major Kate Berardi discussed her biggest challenge within the music field, saying, “My least favorite class was Ear Training because it was the class I struggled the most in.  It’s a very beneficial class, but it takes a lot of hard work and studying.” 


Senior finance major, Mason Riza, elaborated on why being in his major is beneficial, saying, “Finance is a very employable major. It opens many doors to corporate America. I am hoping to secure an internship for this summer that will allow me to turn into a career.”

Regardless of any advice that a more experienced person can give you, go after a major that excites you and makes you happy. If you are passionate about what you’re learning, you will enjoy it regardless of how rigorous the classes may be or how tough the professors are on you. Each major has its advantages and disadvantages, so just go for what will benefit you most in the long run.