Weather woes


Staff Writer

Georgia can be defined in one word, BIPOLAR. Years ago, Georgia used to be a warm, nice place to visit or even live in, because it is right above Florida and it was warm. 

Now, Georgia is just a hot mess. It will rain in the morning, get cold, snow and then the sun will come out. What in the name of the lords above us is the meaning of that? The winds are just making the weather worst. 

Can I think of a worse time to go outside then when the winds start hitting? And having 8. a.m. class with wind and ice just makes it worst.  

When the wind picks up at night and it starts to snow, and you got a night class, you better pray to god that the teacher lets you out early, especially if you are a commuter and don’t like driving in bad weather.

The school received a lot of wind and ice. The majority of the students enjoyed the cold period because it gave them a few days out of class to enjoy themselves and to try to build a snowman. 

People from up north that come here for a visit or to live, get so surprised that the state of Georgia cancels school because of a little bit of ice. 

Well if you drive in that little bit of ice with the wrong type of wheels and the wrong type of car and you don’t know how to drive, then you are going to have to say “bye bye” to that car. 

The schools don’t want anything to happen to the students, so for a precautionary measure, they cancel school.  People from up north, come and try to drive here and see how far you get. Then come and talk to me, and tell me if it is safe to drive children in this weather.