SGA Update: New Proposals Passed

By Manyi Eno
News Editor

On Oct. 22, the Student Government Association held its monthly meeting in the Camp Younts conference room on the fourth floor of the Arrendale library. The meeting was met with a lot of proposals that the senators discussed and approved.
In the last meeting, senior representative Jennifer Pitt’s proposal to place vending machines in the music department was brought before the senate to discuss. The vote passed unanimously and SGA president Sam Thomas said that Vice President for Academic Affairs Perry Rettig will discuss costs for the machines with the business office.
Another proposal brought to the table was from the senate’s own SGA president Sam Thomas and vice president Josh McGowan who want to beautify the campus by cleaning up the area between the Nielsen Dining Hall and the Smith-Williams Art Studios.
The area contains old benches that would be too damaged to refurbish, so the senators proposed to take the benches out and replace them with new ones. McGowan explained that the area would be convenient for picnics and campus events. The senators concluded that two new park chairs would cost $176, $88 a piece, and that there is enough space for six new chairs. Thomas and McGowan asked the other senators if they should seek money from outside of the organizations own budget and ask Piedmont and South State Bank instead for the funds.
McGowan explained to the senate that faculty members have told him that this proposal is very important and should be set as a priority. The votes to seek outside funds passed unanimously.
Other proposals discussed and approved were:
• Math and Chemistry Club –Representative Randy Persaud asked the senate for $75 to buy four tickets for the club members to go to the Atlanta Zoo. The tickets cost $18 a piece and Persaud said any money not spent will be returned to SGA. The senate agreed to the proposal and voted to grant the clubs the money.
• Outdoor Club –Thomas presented the proposal to the senate in place of the clubs representative. The club asked for $150 for a zip-lining trip. Thomas reminded the senate the club had $250 left over from a previously cancelled trip. Thomas urged the senate to approve only $125 to the club, adding to its balance $375. The senate agreed to grant the club only $125 for the trip.