PC Releases Safety and Security Reports

By Manyi Eno
News Editor

On Oct. 6, Piedmont made its annual Security and Fire Safety Report available on the school website. The report provides emergency procedures and protocols for crimes such as missing students, sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.
The report also contains statistical information about criminal offenses reported on campus during the period of 2011 to 2013. The report can be found on the school website at www.piedmont.edu/annual-security-report.
On Oct. 15, Piedmont’s emergency preparedness plans for Demorest and Athens was emailed to each academic department. The plan reads, “This emergency plan is intended to ensure an appropriate response to the two general types of emergencies that are likely to affect the College community: large-scale natural or man-made disasters and threats to campus safety.”
The plan also categorizes what are minor and major emergencies and the procedures faculty, staff and students should take to handle the situation.
The full emergency plan can be found on the roar website at https://www.piedmontroar.com. A more in-depth article will be provided in later issues of the Navigator for both the safety report and emergency plans.

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