Player injured during successful sweep

By: Manyi Eno
News Editor

It was a night of domination for Piedmont’s volleyball team as they played against the LaGrange College Panthers on Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. The Lady Lions were able to sweep all three matches, but not without a cost. During the second match, fourth-year opposite Kaitlin Norman was injured.
Piedmont started off strong in the first match, spiking the first three points. LaGrange took the lead, gaining seven points in the first 10 minutes of the game. Then they tied with Piedmont for an even 12 points before the Lions took the match, winning 25-22.
The second match was completely taken over by the Lady Lions, as they won the match 25-16, not giving the Panthers any chance to catch up.
On top of the victory, however, was the shocking injury of Norman who landed on her ankle wrong when going for the ball.
“The good part is that we won, and the sad part is that Kaitlin Norman did her ankle in. She apparently will need 10 days to rehab,” said head coach Sid Feldman.
Feldman said that it is a disappointing situation and that Norman is one of the team’s best players.
“I never expected Kaitlin to get hurt, but it happens,” said Feldman
Feldman said that first-year opposite player Katelyn Durmire picked up the slack and played well.
“But, we are running out of subs,” Feldman said.
Winning two matches so far, the Lady Lions put up a winning fight in the third match. The Panthers almost won, but they were quickly reminded of whose court they were playing on. Piedmont showed no mercy as they pushed to be two points ahead of LaGrange, winning the match 26-24.
Norman believes she will be back to play sooner than 10 days and can’t wait.
“I just want to play my senior year and beat Covenant. My goal is to be back playing by next Wednesday,” said Norman.
The Lions next two games back in the Cave Arena will be on Oct. 26 against Huntingdon College, hitting it off at noon. Then on the same day, the ladies will celebrate senior night before they play against Wesleyan College at 4 p.m.