SGA Update: New Proposals Discussed

By Manyi Eno
News Editor

Click Here to see SGA Proposals

The Student Government Association held their second meeting of the semester on
September 17, 2014.
The association started the meeting off with a welcome to two new senators who have
joined the panel: freshmen biology major Thomas Looney and applied mathematics and
phsics major Krishna Khatri.
The topics discussed in the meeting were:
• 2014-2015 Bylaws: The senate discussed whether they wanted to make changes to the
old bylaws used in the 2013-2014 school year. All of the senators accepted the old bylaws
for the 2014-2015 school year and decided to discuss suggestions for changes for the laws
at the next meeting.
• Executive Update: President Sam Thomas explained that he met with vice president
of academic affaris Perry Rettig about SGA’s agenda for the semester and the senators
campus beautification proposal letter, which includes resurfacing the volleyball courts
with new sand and adding picnic tables in the surrounding area. Students can visit the
school website to read more details about the proposal letter.
• Other Proposals: Vice president Josh McGowan proposed two new park tables for the
grass area surrounding the outside volleyball court. McGowan requested $176 from the
senate who all accepted. If students wish to read the full proposal, they can visit the
school website.