A simple thank you

By Tyler Nix
Contributing Writer

Since I have been a residential student here at Piedmont, I feel we as students take for granted not only our living environments but also
the faculty and staff who are here primarily for us.
The office of Student Affairs is full of individuals who come to work each and every day to make this place the best it can be, for us.
We usually have no problem finding and pointing out the flaws we encounter or something that happens that we feel could have been
However, when there are opportunities to provide feedback, there is very little student participation.
When was the last time we said thank you, and genuinely expressed our thanks to these people who work so very hard with our best
interest in mind. I feel like sometimes we don’t take into account how each office deals with every student enrolled at Piedmont.
The people who work here at Piedmont put their heart and soul into everything they plan and everything they do. They don’t hold
meetings just to hear themselves speak, and they don’t have rules just to see how miserable they can make us. They do all of this because
they care.
They want us to have the tools it takes to, for many of us, live on our own for the first time. They want us to know how to succeed with
our classes and focus on the right things.
We are very lucky here at Piedmont, to have faculty and staff who want nothing more than to see us exceed even our own expectations.
They want us to have fun, they want us to grow, and they want to be a part of the legacy we are building.
Let’s all take this opportunity to better ourselves and to grow together. Take the time to find someone who is sitting alone and say hello,
invite them to sit with you. Take the time to hold open a door for a staff member, and while passing by them say thank you.
Take the time to just smile at someone you pass in the hallway; you never know how far just a smile can go.
Let us all just take the time to appreciate what we have here, to accept the fact that we are not the only ones on campus and getting
everything to hundreds of student’s specifications is quite impossible, but let’s know that we have people who care and who try their very
Take the time to say thank you.