Experience College

By Dekotah Lego
Contributing Writer

College is great. Traditionally, you get more opportunities to make your own life choices.
Upon welcome week, we get thrown into a community of people in the same stage of life as us, and we gain a
sense of identity as a Piedmont Lion. The responsibilities we gain are great.
We are responsible for waking ourselves up and going to class, and getting our homework done and our
projects turned in.
We are also responsible for joining the community this college offers, through sports, student government,
Bible studies, and many other groups, clubs, and organizations.
College is a time that you get to choose the direction of your future through your decisions.
Throughout college, you will be asked to make an infinite amount of choices.

Some of those choices we are asked to make are academic:
• What do you want to major in?
• Are you sure you want to take 18 credit hours while it’s your soccer season?
• Do you really want an 8:00 a.m. class everyday?
Some choices are social:
• Do I go to that party tonight?
• Do you know the consequences of getting caught drinking on campus?
• Is this group of friends the ones I could stick with until I graduate.
Some of those choices we are asked to make are life changing:
• Do I want to take a semester off?
• Do I take this internship abroad?
• Should I change my major this late in the game?
And of course, some choices we face seem so trivial to us, when they are most likely not even the slightest bit
important in the long run:
• Because it seems to matter for some unknown reason, where should I sit today in the cafe?
• Should I wear my brown boots, my black sandals, or my red cowboy boots to Trader John’s tonight?
• Do I go to Statistics 1101, or do I go get chicken wings from the cafe?

It sounds cliché, but it is important to remember that each decision you make will affect your life from that
moment on. Make it a good habit and think through decisions of all sizes.
Remember rules and regulations when punishment is a potential outcome, and remember the memories that
you can make as well. Balance out the good and the bad and always remember you only live once.
Life is what you make it, and college is just a short four years of it. Though a short timespan, these four years
can also be the most influential four years of your life, all because of the choices you make.