Let’s Talk SPH

By Storm Cuthbert
Staff Writer

You may be asking yourself, “What in the heck is SPH?” This generation has become so uniquely engrossed
with acronyms. I took it upon myself to make up my own little acronym for SPH which stands for “single parent
households.” I feel that this topic gets little to no media attention.

In fact, I have only heard the topic mentioned only once on the news in my whole entire life. HBO did an
amazing job capturing the life of a young mother who had been living on the edge of poverty. The single mother
of four kids would hop from motel to motel. Not even having a mailing address requested from her children’s
school. The mother always made it possible for her kids to go to school the following day.

Small issues like this are overtaking communities all around the country. So why is it that we have a war on this
and a war on that, but we can’t have a war on the problems that lie within our own country? Why are we always
worrying about the problems that other countries face rather than our own?

Small issues such as single parent households may not have any significance to anyone now. Can you imagine
a country with a 50 to 1 ratio of single parent households? I may be exaggerating the situation a bit, but just think
about some of the cultural changes we may have to endure. Emma Goldman once said, “The most violent
element in society is ignorance.” Let’s not ignore or shun away the smaller problems of this great country