Piedmont to offer fraternity

Contributing Writer

As the year winds down students and faculty are shifting their focus to next year.
The 2014-2015 school year promises to be an exciting year for sure with many new things at Piedmont, including the completion of the new student center. One new thing Piedmont students may be unaware of is the installment of Piedmont College’s first fraternity.
Piedmont College has acquired a small house on Georgia Street through a wild bank error. The fraternity is set to be named Phi Chi Lambda. The frat has a limit of 30 brothers whose initiation process will start in the fall of 2014.
The chapter has been asked by the parent chapter in Athens to host campus events such as the Frat Olympics. There is no minimum GPA requirement for the fraternity.
The entrance fee, if you are asked to join, will be $1,000 which will cover your yearly costs and a lifelong membership in the brotherhood.
The decisions for who will be inducted will be made by a student board this year, however in subsequent years, will be made by the brothers themselves.
Sign-ups will be held during finals week in the student center so hurry there to reserve your spot in the first class of PCL from Piedmont College.