What makes life worth living

Contributing Writer

As a freshman last year, I was swept off my feet by how many opportunities and events were offered at Piedmont College. CAB is constantly advertising events that are planned and organized by the students. The arts are always busy with showings and performances. Just this weekend, the theater department presented “Little Shop of Horrors,” and next week, the Piedmont Chamber Singers will perform its spring concert.
Through the most of all of these events, which students put their time and passion towards, time becomes the hardest thing to balance. As finals draw near, it is easy to lose sight of those things which make us passionate. I have found myself in a constant battle when it comes to school versus the things that I love outside of school. This is the true balancing act of life.
One of the most difficult balancing acts is holding on to the things that you are passionate about in the midst of the life’s obligations. To be passionate about something is not simply the act of enjoying it; it is the living, breathing desire that that thing should always be present in your daily life. Whether it’s the playing of a sport, a production of a play or the writing of a newspaper column, the effect should be the same if it’s something you truly love. No matter how difficult it is, the end result should be worth the pain and hardship that had to be overcome to get there.
As some students prepare for summer jobs, internships, and graduation, this sentiment should hold true no matter where you go and what you do. Hold onto those things which make you come alive and see the world through glistening eyes.
Passion is a gift, one that should not be wasted. No matter where you find yourself, try to incorporate those things that you love into your daily life. It will be hard to balance those things with all of your other obligations. But without obstacles, life would be boring. So remember with all those projects, tests, and finals coming up, to find time to enjoy your passions and the little things that make life worth living.