Student juggles career in the Air Force, college courses, basketball

Student juggles career in the Air Force, college courses, basketball

BY SABRINA PAGE, Contributing Writer

Korey Eller has spent his entire life yearning to be the best he can be.

Day after day, he has looked for different ways to challenge himself.

The Air Force got his attention.

Eller said he chose the Air Force because at the time, it was the hardest branch to get into. The Air Force made him feel like it was the right choice.

During his time in service, he has lived in three states and worked as a medic.

“I have seen what seems like thousands of patients over the years,” said by Eller.

Once Eller had served his time in the Air Force, he decided to go back to school to earn a degree in business.

Piedmont was his first choice because he grew up in Habersham County.

Going to a school close to home meant more than anything since he was away from his family for so long.

While studying for his business degree, Eller also plays defense for the men’s basketball team.

His determination to be a part of a sport and study for his degree has made a huge difference to those around him.

“Korey’s leadership and maturity have played a major role in our team’s development, especially with all the young guys we have,” said Head Men’s Basketball Coach Greg Neeley.

“His life experiences help give our program perspective and we are privileged to have him as a member in our program. I greatly respect everything Korey has done and have been extremely impressed by his ability to adjust back to college life after being in the Air Force.”

Eller is still actively serving in the Air Force.

The Air Force requires all its members to follow the Air Force Instructions (AFI), which includes the way the members act and how they dress.

They are also required to complete a physical fitness test once a year and attend drill once a month.

“The Air Force helped me grow and mature into a man. It helped me to accept responsibility, to adapt and to overcome,” said Eller.

“When given a challenge, I am expected to get it done, and that’s what I do. That’s what all military members do.”

Eller plans to continue serving in the Air Force. He also wants to play basketball and achieve his degree at Piedmont College.

“He’s impacted me greatly. He showed what commitment really was,” said freshman engineering major Josh King.

“His attitude toward adversity rubbed off on me and helped me go when I really thought I couldn’t go any more.”