SGA Update: Elections, housing

BY JESSIE OWENSBY, Co-Opinions Editor

The Student Government Association concluded another meeting on April 2, 2014.

One of the topics SGA discussed was the need for a work day from senators to finish the commuter lounge before the end of the year.

It voted unanimously to have a mandatory work day April 8.

Every SGA member was required to donate one hour out of the day to help with the final touches and to finish projects.

President Sam Thomas, gave an executive officer update about the Compass projects.

He said there was a lot of interest in the program, and he will “schedule a meeting between the SGA executives, faculty senate, and administration to come together and make sure everyone is on the same page.”

SGA wants to make sure it’s thorough with this project, so the vote was delayed a second consecutive time in as many meetings.

Next meeting, SGA will have more details about the project and will conduct a first reading of the proposal.

A proposal for seniors to have the right to live off campus was brought to the table by SGA senator, Brandon Callahan.

The senate said they will work on the project and should be able to submit a proposal for next year.

According to Callahan’s report, this proposal is very popular, as many students would like to live off campus senior year to acclimate themselves to the real world.

“I think you should be able to live off campus as a senior because you’re well into your adulthood at that point, and living in a college dorm is for kids who are just entering college,” said Sean Viola, a sophomore criminal justice major.

SGA had a thorough discussion about elections for the 2014-15 school year.

Riley Roberts, a current senator, was elected chair of the elections committee.

Her job will be to oversee nomination forms, ballots, organizing speeches, and other details.

Elections for SGA will be held April 24 – 25.

Students can cast their ballots in the student center on those dates.

All students are encouraged to vote for senators and executives.

Speech presentations by the nominees will be held April 23.

Roberts will announce the time and place of the speeches on Wed., April 16.