Wanderlust: Cornelia City Park

Co-Opinions Editor

Spring is here, and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re running low on cash and you need something fun to do that’s local, check out Cornelia City Park.
It has everything you need to enjoy a day with friends for no charge at all.
With over 20 sprawling acres, Cornelia City Park comes with two playgrounds, four tennis courts, two basketball courts, a soccer field, a baseball field, a covered pavilion, a paved walking trail, a dog park and a spray ground.
The spray ground, although technically included, is just down the street from the park at the Cornelia depot.
If you want to go there, you may want to drive from the park because there’s a very steep hill between the two locations.
However, it is great for those warm spring and summer days to help you cool off.
Also, a train runs parallel to the park, and it’s very close to the walking trail. If you’re on the trail while a train comes through, it can be deafening.
At times, the playground can get pretty crowded.
It’s easy to walk down the hill to the other, less popular playground, but it’s less popular because there’s not much there and needs to be updated.
The covered pavilion is great for a picnic, but is first come first serve and almost always reserved for a birthday party.
There are other tables throughout the park to have a perfectly nice picnic.
However, there is not a clear walking path to them, and the park is very hilly, so you may have to climb up or down a steep hill to get to them.
The park is very spread out, and there can be a lot of acreage to cover, but if you’re okay with a lot of walking and possibly some hiking, Cornelia City Park is a great place to go enjoy the day with your closest pals.
The dog park is great to take a pet for fresh air, and if you don’t have one, it’s still a great place to play with the dogs.
The park is also a fun way to get some great exercise.
The paved walking trail spans the radius of the park. It has a couple of bridges, some nice landscaping, a ton of hills (some that are very steep), and it even provides puppy waste stations.
It allows for all types of sports as well.
If you can provide your own equipment and talk some friends into a game, you will do well at the park.
Next time you’re bored, and you need to unwind off campus and outside, check out the Cornelia City Park.
It’s an eight-minute drive from campus, and all you need is some friends and the gas to get there.