Piedmont prepares online registration

BY MANYI ENO, Co-Opinions Editor

Time to toss out the paper and roll in the computers Piedmont, online registration is finally coming.

According to an email interview with the Head of Registrar and VA Certifying Official Carla Edenfield, Piedmont’s registrar’s office has been working since August of 2013 with a consultant to install the system in its office.

“Each department has had different timeliness of when their training began,” said Edenfield. “We want to better serve our students, and we feel that this is something that will benefit our students, faculty and staff.”

Edenfield explained that the administration is very excited about finally getting online registration at Piedmont.

“A lot of hard work (from each office on campus) has gone into making this work,” she said. “Each office has worked individually on their piece, but we’ve also worked together to make sure each component functions properly.”

Students may be more than familiar with the process of registering for classes, so they now may wonder how online registration will be easier.

“As of now, we register people in person. The advising process will stay the same; however, eventually students will be able to register for their classes online,” said Edenfield. “Of course the registrar’s office will be here to help with any questions and to assist students as needed.”

Junior music major Storm Tipton attended Columbus State University from 2011 to 2012, an institution that implemented online registration, and said that it was a lot easier registering online than having to wait outside.

“I think it will benefit the students well,” he said. “It kind of puts some of the power in their hands and it makes it more fair; some people may not want to camp out all night or get there at 4 o’clock in the morning.”

Edenfield also explained that the new system would help the registrar’s office run more efficiently and effectively.

“Our main goal is to make it a seamless process for our students,” she said.

Although the Internet has been greatly improved at Piedmont, students may ask what would be the procedure if the Internet were to crash during registration week.

“The procedure would stay the same,” said Edenfield. “You would contact IT.”

At this time, a time period for when the system will be available for students to access has not been decided, according to Edenfield.

“But, I can assure you that we want to offer the best training possible for our faculty and our students,” she said. “A lot of testing and re-testing has been done and continues to take place.”

Edenfield said that before the system will be handed over to faculty and students, administration wants to ensure that everything will work properly to make the process easier.

“We hope all of our students will be as excited as we have been about it,” Edenfield said. “I think that it will have a positive impact for everyone on and off campus. It will be a new process for everyone and there will be an “adjustment period,” but I really feel that everyone is going to like what the future holds with the new system.”