Contributing Writer

Something that I always hear high school and college students complain about the most is that, “I never learn any of the important things in my classes!” Things like, how to do your taxes, how to figure out your credit, balancing a check book, loans, debt, and the list goes on and on.
These are all practical life skills that everyone is supposed to know, but it’s not often explained to everyone. The minute one begins to deal with financial aid, they are supposed to “magically” get these skills? If so, I was most definitely skipped.
College is a very important growing period in our lives; at some point in our scholastic careers we have become adults. This requires us to learn the basic adult-like responsibilities.
So what if Piedmont actually did something about this? What if they set up a system to teach everyone the things that we have been begging to learn for so long? I know for me, as an English major, I have very little dealings with what goes on in the business classes, but wouldn’t it be nice if those students would be able to share some of their knowledge with the rest of us?
Every spring semester, there should be a workshop set up for students to attend. Every type of major, every year, every student is allowed to come. At these meetings, students will learn the practical things that they should have been learning long ago. Again, I don’t know what business students are taught within their classes, but if they have learned these different things, like how to do your own taxes especially, they would be able to sign up to help teach and advise different weeks within the semester on a specific subject that they felt they had a particularly firm knowledge of. These business students would be allotted extra credit for their help. Also, there would be a faculty advisor leading the program who helped to instruct in the areas that the business students would not be able to cover. These meetings could be once a week for the entire semester.
Do you have any idea how helpful something like this would be for students, like me, who have no clue what they are doing? So please, business students and professors, try to help the rest of us out and set something up like this. I have talked to many other people and I know your efforts would not be wasted.