Who do you think you are?

Contributing Writer

From the moment “Divergent” by Veronica Roth hit the shelves at your local Barnes and Noble, it was a hit.
The dystopian novel is set some time in the future, after the fall of society. It asks readers “what would happen to society’s morals after the collapse of government as we know it today?”
The trilogy has received tons of attention from fans of The Hunger Games trilogy and fans of the dystopian idea alike.
As soon as Summit Entertainment announced a movie adaptation, the fans were split in half regarding the quality of the movie.
Some brought up Summit’s horrible failure, disregarding the box office numbers and solely looking at the accuracy of the books, of the Twilight franchise, while others praised Summit for its work with
“The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”
“Divergent” follows the main heroine, Beatrice Prior, through her ‘choosing ceremony,’ where she pick the ‘faction’ she will reside in for the rest of her life.
Each faction stands for a different moral code and conduct. The Candor hate lies, and only speak the truth. The Erudite value knowledge and shun ignorance. The faction called Abnegation hold the selflessness and kindness of themselves above vain objects like mirrors and the selfishness of others.
Dauntless, the fearless and brave faction, hates cowards. And finally, the Amity, who are a peace loving people, hate violence.
Each faction name is an actual word in the English language; their meaning exactly fits the description of the faction itself.
On March 21, many fans, including myself, waited with baited breath and books in hand for what we feared would be a horrible disaster.
What actually transpired, though, sent a magnificent shockwave through us all. The movie “Divergent” is as close as it can get to being ‘word-for-word’ with the book with the budget the production had.
The movie captured the characters completely and thoroughly, quirks and all, and the actors portrayed their characters marvelously.
I have not yet met a fan who was not utterly pleased with the outcome of the movie adaptation.
This being said, I give “Divergent” a 10/10 stars for acting, accuracy to the book and overall marketing to those who have not yet read the book.