In the ‘Blink’ of an eye


One band that has stood the test of time is Blink-182. Formed in 1992 in San Diego, Calif., the band originally consisted of Tom Delonge on vocals and guitar, Mark Hoppus on vocals and bass and Scott Raynor on drums.
The trio started out performing in the San Diego suburbs, breaking into the emerging pop-punk genre of alternative rock.
The band has survived lineup changes, side projects and an “indefinite” hiatus, and is still going strong over 20 years later.
In 1998, Travis Barker replaced Raynor on drums, and in 2001, Delonge and Barker formed a band called Box Car Racer as an outlet for Delonge to explore material that he felt unsuited for Blink.
In 2005, at what has been considered the height of the band’s popularity, it was announced by Geffen records that Blink-182 was going on an “indefinite hiatus.”
Barker’s plane crash in Sept. 2008 reunited the band, and at the 2009 Grammy Awards, they publicly announced their reunion.
In 2011, the band released their sixth full-length album, “Neighborhoods,” and headlined the tenth annual Honda Civic Tour along with My Chemical Romance.
Most people probably associate the band with what could most politely be described as “offensive” humor.
Although the band does enjoy some foul language and what some could consider questionable jokes, they also have a resume full of songs that touch on deep, meaningful subjects.
“Adam’s Song,” from the 1999 album “Enema of the State,” was inspired by a young boy’s suicide note. Some have noted this song as the band’s transition into more serious tones.
Another song, “Stay Together For The Kids,” from 2001’s “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket,” touches on the subject of divorce.
Those are just two examples of countless songs that pack an emotional punch.
According to “Kerrang!” magazine, the band is currently working on their seventh album.
Twenty-two years after their formation, Blink-182 continues to be making music and touring the world.
They have overcome personal struggles, lineup changes, life-altering accidents, and continue to inspire countless fans.