Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

BY AUGUSTA GAILEY, Contributing Writer

After several long months of waiting, TellTale games has finally released episode two of their smash hit “The Wolf Among Us.” The game is based off the DC/Vertigo comic series “Fables,” which has been decorated with multiple awards.

“The Wolf Among Us” stays within the realm of the comics and holds true to the characterization and storytelling set out in the series. Its first episode was widely successful and the second is following suit with high reviews from Metacritic, IGN and GamesRadar.

Warning, this game is rated M for a reason. If you are sensitive to blood, drugs, sexual themes and nudity I recommend you don’t pick it up.

In the game you play as Bigby, the Big Bad Wolf and one of the main characters from “Fables.” As the main detective of Fabletown, you attempt to solve a growingly horrendous string of crimes.

Along the way you meet with both lovable and detestable characters ranging from Snow White to Ichabod Crane.

Just like other TellTale games, the choices you make as the player affect the outcome and direction that the narrative takes. At the end of each episode, your choices are also weighed against the choices made by other players so you can see if your choices are in line with the majority or minority of players.

The structure and gameplay are very simple. As the player, you have control of what you do in a specific scene, from talking with other characters to investigating objects around you. There is a wide sense of discovery throughout the story.

The engrossing play is aided by the graphics and artistic choices that are reminiscent of “Borderlands 2” and “The Walking Dead.”

At first the movement can be a bit clunky, as is the same for all TellTale games, but you quickly become accustomed to it. In fact, the movement in standard scenes is very different from the seamless action encounters.

One of the main concerns with the games is the length, which is also a concern with “The Walking Dead.” Episodes are released several months apart and the actual length of the gameplay is only around two and a half hours.

Yes, the play is intense, but it has also been deemed by some players to not be worth the wait especially when the implication is that it could take another year and a half for the remaining three episodes to be released.

I myself have to say that I would happily wait if the remaining episodes were on par with the current two. “The Wolf Among Us” is a spiraling ride that is tough to pass up.

“The Wolf Among Us” episode one (“Faith”) and episode two (“Smoke and Mirrors”) are currently available through TellTale’s website, Steam, the App Store, and Amazon.

The price tag of $25 will allow you to gain access to both of the current episodes and all three of the upcoming episodes. The game is playable on PC, XBOX 360, PS3 and Apple iOS devices.