Real jobs! Real internships!

Contributing Writer

There are 46 days standing between seniors and “The Real World.” Graduation on May 3rd is both terrifying and overdue for most seniors. But the looming question remains, “What are you going to do when you graduate?” The most common reply seems to be, “find a job.”
There is no easier way to find a job than having at least ten companies come to Piedmont’s campus on March 24. The Piedmont Marketing Club has contacted both local and national companies to appear at the job fair. Most of these companies are actively seeking new graduates to fill entry level positions.
Even if you aren’t graduating, the event still has many things to offer.
Need a resume builder? Compete against other Piedmont students for internship opportunities and get hands-on experience.
Don’t have a resume? Attend a resume workshop to learn what can make your resume stand out from the crowd.
Never completed an interview? There is a workshop specifically designed to tell you the do’s and don’t’s of interviewing for a job or organization. Many clubs and departments on campus require interviews to be allowed into the programs. Learn how to become a better candidate than your peers.
The highlight of the event is the presentation “Social Media – Friend or Foe?,” which will be conducted by Glen Caruso, a social media guru and entrepreneur. Caruso has focused in the digital area since 1994 and has worked for companies including, Turner Broadcasting, The Weather Channel,, Yahoo!, Disney Interactive, AOL Time Warner, Microsoft/MSN, TACODA behavioral and Tremor Video. In 2009, Caruso co-founded Firecracker Digital Group and used the company to assist professionals in social and digital marketing.
The purpose of the presentation is to educate students on how to use social media to their advantage and how to avoid abusing it. Employers are monitoring prospective employee’s social media more than ever. According to Forbes Magazine, two out of five employers screen social media before even offering an interview. Come learn how Twitter can land you a job.
Come dressed to impress with your resume. Refreshments will be served.