No Pleysier, No Good

Contributing Writer

If you value your education and you truly are at Piedmont to enhance your knowledge, then you have to take one of Dr. Pleysier’s famous history classes.
Many history majors and non-history majors swear by his classes. He has to be the most passionate professor here at Piedmont. During one of his lectures, it seems as if you are transported into the time period that he is talking about.
He does require you to pay attention, but I would say it would be very difficult to wander mentally during one of his boisterous lectures.
He gives the students here at Piedmont a taste of an Ivy League education. For many of his veterans, we try not to take a history class that he isn’t teaching. Many of his lectures are based on events in time that you will be familiar with, but he will add to that subject with more info that you didn’t.
He is a true historian, and as that, he doesn’t require a book for any of his classes.
If you take one of his classes, make sure that you are ready to take notes, write essays in correct grammar to be respectful and attend class.
The insight Pleysier provides is remarkable. He is one of the few professors who doesn’t interject his own feelings or beliefs into his lectures.
He is objective and true to history. It is very refreshing to be a student of a professor that doesn’t cloud their subject matter with sensationalism.
He is the true definition of an educator.
Students at Piedmont are truly doing themselves and injustice for leaving this school without having the experience of a real history class.
If you want an educational experience, are not scared of a challenge, and are looking for an exciting and worthy class, then you have to experience a “Pleysier Class.”