Piedmont SGA searches for commuter representative

BY JESSIE OWENSBY, Co-Opinions Editor

According to the Student Government Association bylaws, some senate positions on SGA are appointed, and some are elected.

This is done to make sure that all groups of the student body are represented.

There is an appointed position for religious life, athletics, fine arts and commuters.

Commuters are allowed two positions since they are the majority of the student body.

The appointed members are approved by SGA President Sam Thomas.

However, last semester, SGA only had one commuter representative. That representative is no longer a student at Piedmont. For now, there are no commuters on SGA.

“An email was sent to all commuters advertising the open positions for SGA,” Thomas said.

Matt Holbrook, a business major and member of Sigma Alpha Pi, will fill one of the commuter positions in March. There is still one position open.

When asked how he was chosen, Thomas said, “Natalie Crawford said that he was the only student who expressed an interest.”

Natalie Crawford, Director of Student Affairs, is the advisor for SGA and became advisor to Sigma Alpha Pi in January.

A request for Matt Holbrook to explain how he heard about the open position went unanswered.

However, according to interviews with ten different commuters, they all said never received the email.

“I got the commuter email list from IT, so they may have made a mistake and left a name off the list,” Crawford said.

She made sure to clarify that ultimately, the president of SGA has final approval of the appointment of senate positions.

Shahryar Heydari, Director of IT, was asked if Piedmont has a commuter list serve, a group email that goes to a specific population.

He responded in an email, “We do not.”