Dancing Through the Decades

Dancing Through the Decades


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Students joined the Res LifeStaffintheStudentCen- ter at a decade-themed dance called “Dancing through the Decades” to start off the semester on Jan. 16.

At the beginning of every semester, Res Life hosts a dance for students of Pied- mont College.

Jessica Wilkie, senior psychology major and member of the Res Life Staff, said, “We had it as kind of a ‘Welcome Back’ dance for everyone through Res Life.” They usually host a rave- like dance, but this semester they wanted to try some- thing different. Res Life decided to have a theme where students could dress up in clothing from their favorite decade, starting with the fifties. Wilkie said, “Brooke [Terilli] came up with the idea and asked a number of residents if they would come to something like it. She got a lot of positive response so we went for it.”

The dance began at 8 p.m. Students flowed in and out through the whole night. Terilli originally started playing music that was popular in the fifties, but as the night went on, the music slowly became more modern.

Sarah Brown, a freshman mass communications major, said,“I had a lot of fun!It is great to get out sometimes.”

By the end of the night, Wilkie reported that about 50 people in total came to the dance.

Kayla Watson, a senior at Piedmont and a member of Res Life, said the dance was fantastic.

“There were people here who are all dressed up and dancing. I enjoyed watching people have fun while experiencing culture.”