Piedmont offers spring break charter bus


Features Editor 


Spring break destinations have a notorious reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity and the location of many a collegiate horror story.

In order to combat the crippling statistics, Piedmont is offering to provide a charter bus service for any students wanting to migrate to Panama City Beach for spring break. 

Students have deemed this charter bus the PC Party bus, but administration claims the bus is strictly for travel purposes. 

However, the ride is between six and seven hours long, so students are encouraged to create a mixtape-style playlist to listen to while on the road. Approved genres do not include rap, heavy metal, ska, folk, grunge rock, rock of any kind, country of any kind,  R&B, soul, dubstep, any music with auto tuned lyrics or bluegrass. Ultimately, any playlist that contains music other than polka will be denied. 

Though students may feel inclined to sing along, there is no talking allowed during the trip and all partying behaviors like laughing, flirting, winking or sneezing will be punished. 

Once students reach the beach destination, they can have their fun, but while on the bus, they must adhere to rules or be left in the smallest, backwoods town they pass through on the way. 

So be smart and arrive to your spring break haven safely by using the PC charter bus service. 

The bus will leave from the admissions office parking lot at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, and it’s first-come-first-serve seating, so be sure to line up with your seat buddy early.