A voyage through the lens



Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has always said I was interested in looking at photographs. It didn’t matter whether I had seen the pictures every day on my refrigerator, I would always stare at them as if they had just been placed up there. 

This article isn’t about me reminiscing on my journey of photography in my life. I simply hope to pass on some tricks of the trade I’ve learned in my experience with photography. I am still learning about editing, lighting, and the proper angles for certain events, but I have a few basic suggestions that could help even the newest Instagramer with pictures: 

Rule of Thirds: Always place your subject in the left or right corner that’s off center to the picture, but leaves space for the background to be shown

Flash Photography: It’s not very flattering with a basic flash on a phone or camera, but use it wisely to not make the subject look washed out or have demonic eyes/shadows

Editing: Multiple filters on a selfie might be the new trend, but if you want the picture to have a true artistic feel to it, then don’t overload on saturation and glitter…less is more!

Angles– Take pictures of people that look flattering and not from low positions, no body likes to look like they have a double chin or look disproportional.

Directing– Don’t be afraid of posing your subjects to how you want them to look; also give them feedback about the pictures so they feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

Photography is a very tough field to compete in to be the best. I am currently leaning towards photojournalism because it opens up more job opportunities, if you know how to write well. 

My dream job would have to be photographing wildlife, third world countries, and unexplored villages for National Geographic. One day I hope it happens, but if not, I will keep dreaming and growing in photography. A man once told me, “An amateur is someone who thinks they are done learning about their hobby or career; a professional continues the want to grow.” 

No matter whether you aspire to be the world’s best photographer of food on Instagram, or hope to shoot pictures for National Geographic, may these tips help guide you in some small way.