Say sNOw to Saturday classes


Contributing Writer


On Feb. 11, Georgia was hit by a severe snow and ice storm. By 3 p.m. that same day, the roads were already covered in snow. This left colleges and other education facilities with the only choice of canceling school. Piedmont College was closed until 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 14. 

Since then, schools have been negotiating how the missed days will be made up. The remaining decision is between canceling spring break or adding Saturday school into the calendar. Many students across the campus are responding negatively to this idea. 

According to NBC News, Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for Georgia, while the city schools chose to cancel their classes. The state board could choose to waive the state statute that requires the system to make up those days.

“Due to where we are, I would think that we have room for missing a few days due to the bad weather. I don’t think it is entirely necessary to make those days up,” said Alex Sridej, junior art major. 

Other professor’s among the Piedmont Community are agreeing to the Saturday classes, as it could relieve some stress to get through all the required material. 

“The students are hopefully in college because they want to learn. The presence in the class room is not one of the indicators on if the student learns or not. That is his or her will. Although, if the school chooses to perform Saturday classes, I will have no problem coming in,” said  German professor, Monica Shulte. 

Although the make-up days would help relieve stress for the professors, the students also have to worry about the other commitments they have made. 

“There would hardly be any students in class if Saturday make-up days went into effect. Work, families, sports, and other responsibilities would interfere. Even teachers have lives and commitments outside of the classroom,” said Sridej. 

The decision has not been released. Should Piedmont College follow through with Saturday classes or forget it ever happened?

Saturday school is unnecessary.

Piedmont faculty and staff have been able to keep students on track since the snow storm happened. 

  Like others, I have many commitments to fill, and would not be able to attend. Extra classes would only hurt us.