Step up, students


Contributing Writer

“The Navigator” is not just an exercise for students enrolled in mass communication courses. It is the newspaper for the entire student body. 

Do you have something to say? Write it and deliver it to the newspaper. Don’t be concerned that your story is grammatically correct. That’s where the staff of the newspaper comes in. They are all mass communication specialists, and it is their job to proofread stories to ensure they are grammatically correct.

Your main concern should be: is my story “news worthy?”

What do we have to do to increase our readership? Do you want juicy gossip? It’s never going to happen. Do you want elections for most beautiful female and most handsome male? It’s never going to happen. Do you want controversial subjects like: “Why doesn’t Piedmont College have a First Aid station?” Maybe.

The students at Piedmont College, like every student enrolled in every institution of higher learning in the U.S., are the individuals who are going to “run” this nation in the future. 

You are the federation that is going to “make or break” the democracy known as the United States of America. Do you like the way it is running now? What would you do to change it?

Our constitution was written 216 years ago by the most learned men of the day, most of whom, you might be surprised to learn, were pastors of organized churches. 

Do you think the Constitution applies to today?

 Our founding fathers said, “All men are created equal,” then they didn’t give women the right to vote. The Constitution has been amended 27 times, and still, the Supreme Court has problems deciding what it means.

Do you think it needs more amendments to make it apply to modern life? 

Do you realize that Article Five of the Constitution entitled “Amending the Constitution” is so confusing that nobody understands it?

Three-fifths of the states may introduce an amendment, but it takes three-quarters of the vote to approve it. 

Although the states are allowed to introduce amendments, not a single one ever has. Every single amendment to the Constitution has originated in Congress. Do you think the founding fathers envisioned men serving in the U.S. Congress for a lifetime and becoming professional politicians?

Do you thing the founding fathers envisioned a building where the national congress meets swimming the lobbyists who pump so much money into Congressmen’s pockets that they vote the way “special interests” want them to vote instead of what is best for the people?

Do you think the founding fathers envisioned a book of over four thousand pages that “ooh” away the earnings of hard-working people to run the federal government?

The most abominable sin on earth is the enslavement of people yet the founding fathers did nothing about it. 

They never envisioned that “down the road” the populace would have problems with such subjects as abortion, defining marriage and how to treat people who not born equal, such as people who are born handicapped in dozens of different ways. 

All of these subjects and dozens more like them must be considered by people like you. 

Are you ready for it? Do you give a damn? Or are you just going to “tra-la-la along” doing your own thing while the greatest form of government ever developed by civilization dissolves into anarchy- or worse? Wake up students! It’s up to you!