Keeping it Classic


I have found that “classic” is an interesting word.

At what point does something/someone become classic, iconic, or timeless?

There are many things in this world that people consider to be precious. “Star Wars,” Audrey Hepburn, Journey, Chuck Taylors, Packman, “Casablanca,” – to me, these are classics.

In today’s society, we try way too hard to ensure that the things we love today remain classic.

I find myself caught in a blank daze while people insist on telling me that groups like One Republic will one day be more iconic than the Beatles.

While most of this is considered a matter of opinion, it’s hard to take our generation seriously when we don’t want to watch movies unless they are available in high definition.

Come on people, wake up and smell the 40-year-old roses.

Some of the best cinematic experiences, musical revivals, epic tunes, and inspiring people lived long before any of us walked the earth.

Most movies and songs these days are just remakes of the originals.

I’m sure that some things from our era will remain timeless pieces of history in years to come, but it’s our job as the future generation to continue the incredible legacy of those who came before us.

Just because it was made between the years of 1990 and 2014 doesn’t make it the best of its kind.

I’d like to challenge you. Go out and watch something, research someone, listen to an album that isn’t from our usual time period.

Take it back to the older days and find what you think is classic.

Then hopefully, we can all reevaluate and realize that Candy Crush Saga and Justin Beiber aren’t the legacy we’d like to leave.