Stuck in the Paper Age


Wouldn’t you like to register for classes without having to be penciled into your advisor’s schedule, getting a paper signed, and trekking across campus to turn in your class schedule?

Piedmont College is still stuck on the paper system.

Every time a students needs to register, drop, or add classes, they must get their advisor’s signature. At the University of Georgia and many other colleges, the students can register for classes, check their schedules, drop or add classes at any time on the school’s website.

Piedmont College receives plenty of money from students in tuition and other charges, but for some reason they don’t want to update the registration system.

In college, students make some of the toughest decisions they have ever had to, but they can’t be trusted to decide what classes they should or shouldn’t take?

Would you rather wake up at 8 a.m. on registration day, register for classes and go back to sleep, or, in my case, drive an hour to campus, have your registration form signed, and turn it in?