TOFU: Snipe hunting team scoping out players


Have you ever wanted to participate in a collegiate sport but couldn’t find one you were particularly talented in?

Lucky for you Piedmont College is providing a new sport starting this spring and needs players to fill out the roster.

Piedmont is among a select few colleges that will be fielding a snipe hunting team this spring.

Snipe hunting is a sport where two players are sent into the woods with a bag to find and catch as many snipes as possible within two hours.

A snipe is a small, quick, relatively harmless creature native to forests in North Carolina and Northeast Georgia.

Many people have not seen a snipe because they are only active late in the evening and only approach a human who is seemingly alone.

Snipe hunting requires the player to have keen senses and quick reflexes, as snipes can run at speeds close to 30 miles per hour.

The Piedmont Snipe Hunting Team will be part of the SESHC or Southeast Snipe Hunting Conference and is to be coached by Matt Huffinton.

Teams will include Toccoa Falls College, Wingdale State, Bradbury College and Coldwell Technical Institute.

“It’s about time a school around these parts got a team together,” said Huffington.

“Now we can give some of those guys and gals on the other sports teams a look at real speed and agility.”

Also, the team will be sponsored in part by the local Walmart who will provide quality bags for the snipes to be caught with.

In case you’re wondering what happens to the snipes, don’t worry. They are released at the end of a match back into their natural habitat.

Snipe hunting also is quite safe, as only 27 athletes were clawed or bitten in all of last year’s matches. Happy snipe hunting season my friends!