Parting Wisdom

By Fletcher Deal
Contributing Writer

It’s spring semester, and incidentally my last semester at Piedmont College.
As I look on my past years at Piedmont I ask myself, “What would I have wanted to know about Piedmont spring 2011?”
And my one thought is make the most of your time at Piedmont, because before you know, it will be but memories.
Now some may wonder, “How would someone make the most of their time?” Well lucky for you, I have a few ideas.

Use your electives wisely – Your electives are a gift. They give you the opportunity to take classes in subjects that you want to learn just for fun. Granted, you need to pass them to graduate, but they are yours to learn something you were always curious about. They could even help you pick out a minor. Mine did.

Spend time on campus — My freshman year I did what many students do at Piedmont. I went home every single weekend. I won’t say I regret that decision, but you should spend at least a few weekends on campus for the experience.
Hang out with your friends, or discover parts of the county you’ve never seen before by going on a mini road trip. There are a lot of unique opportunities in the area if you just keep your eyes open.

Spend time off campus (with your friends) – Take a weekend trip or spend spring break with a friend or friends. Make memories that you’ll want to share.

Get to know your professors – The beauty of Piedmont is that our professors are easy to get in contact with, and they like talking to their students.
Your professors have great life experiences and the professors in your major have already worked in the field that you’re going into. Talk to them, they give the best advice, and of course the occasional story.

Take advantage of campus events – This is one that you’ve probably heard already, but I want to reemphasize it here.
Piedmont is great about providing events to its students such as trips to Atlanta, local premiers of movies like the recent opening night of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” as well as dances and other activities that give you the opportunity to socialize and meet new people on campus.

Meet new people – While, especially at Piedmont, it is easy to fall into our relative cliques and groups, take time to get out there and meet someone new, someone who wouldn’t necessarily fit into your group, because you never know just how awesome that person is.

I hope that these give you some ideas on how to make the most of you college experience.
I know they’ve helped make Piedmont a place and time I’ll remember with the utmost fondness and I hope they help you too.