No Regrets

Ashley Banks

One of the most important things that I’ve learned in the past four years of college is to always listen to your intuition.
I know the whole “follow your heart” cliché is really cheesy and overused, but it’s so true.
Life is full of decisions.
Some are small, like what to wear or what to have for lunch, but others are require more thought.
Decisions like if and where to go for graduate school or what to major in should not be made haphazardly.
It can be all too easy to get lost in conflicting thoughts or opinions when trying to make a big decision.
Ultimately, yours is the only opinion that matters.
Try your best to channel out everyone else and focus only on yourself.
Some decisions are easily corrected if you make the wrong one, but there will be times when you know there is no turning back from a decision once it has been made.
Take care to make all of your decisions as wisely as possible.
Regret is a terrible feeling. Try and make the right decisions the first time around.
You don’t want to be at the end of your college career wishing that you’d done things differently.
If you know in your gut that you should be at a certain place or in a certain major, then do it.
Don’t let anything or anyone make you doubt your intuition.
Just like when taking a test, your first instincts are usually right.
Don’t second-guess yourself.
Your undergraduate years are an experience that you only get to have once in your lifetime.
Make sure you spend it wisely.