“MELISTA” : New Year’s Resolutions


Welcome to the first newspaper of the New Year!
Seeing that it’s the end of January, I would think it was a little late for things like New Year resolutions.
However, time doesn’t work the same at Piedmont apparently, seeing as how we didn’t have our New Year bash until last week.
So I guess that means it’s not too late to make Piedmont a nice little list of resolutions for the upcoming year.
Here is what I think Piedmont should do with 2014:

Get a Starbucks for real

Give Financial Aid the Business Office’s number

Offer dual citizenship with a variety of European countries

Room service

Concierge service

Valet parking

Shuttles to and from Athens

Have baked potatoes and pretzels all the time at the caf (This one is mostly just for me. I really love baked potato and pretzel day.)

Turn the swamp into an aquarium

Turn the library into a water park

Get a real tree for the quad next Christmas. Like a real one that has actual needles.

Put moving sidewalks between all academic buildings

Serve Chick-fil-A in the caf .Not just sandwiches either. I’m talking full menu, especially chicken minis.

Give graduates Vespas in addition to diplomas at commencement

Finish the new student center

Ok, maybe that last one is a little too much.
I mean, it makes sense that it’s taking over two years to build it. Right?