SGA progresses with commuter lounge


On Jan. 15, the student government association (SGA) held their first meeting of the new year as students got used to their new routines for the semester.

The biggest topic on the agenda was the remodeling and opening of a commuter lounge.

The commuter lounge will be located on the first floor of Daniel Hall in the Jenkins lobby.

It will include a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and seating for commuter students.

SGA had a difficult time deciding on small details, such as paint colors and decorating schemes.

They also had trouble deciding on a definite date to remodel and open the lounge.

However, after lengthy discussion, they voted on two different work days to get it finished.

“We are very proud that we were able to make it happen, and we are working with other clubs and organizations that are using that space already to come up with an end solution,” said SGA President Sam Thomas.

Since the number of commuters currently outweigh the number of resident students, Student Affairs will conduct a focus group for commuters to see how Piedmont can be more accommodating, which SGA Vice President Katherine Knarr will champion.

“This was a valuable effort on part of the SGA, and we hope that commuters will be encouraged to engage more on campus and become more involved in campus events,” said Natalie Crawford, director of student activities and campus events.

The lounge should be open by the first week in February.

Other topics discussed in the meeting included:


• Providing Campus Activities Board (CAB) with funding to purchase doughnuts.


• Reviewing the current budget, which is $4,310.00.


• The possible change of SGA’s bylaws, which will be discussed during the next meeting


• Deciding on when to hold SGA’s future meetings