Give Thanks?


Staff Writer

When is Christmas? Because I thought it was more than a month away, yet I am already hearing Christmas music and seeing decorations everywhere. We still have more than a week till Thanksgiving. 

I get it; maybe it is a marketing strategy- the longer it is “Christmas” the more people will spend more money. But what happened to Thanksgiving? Shouldn’t they be marketing all the food we buy around Thanksgiving? 

Even the New York Times reported that this year there would probably be more promotion than ever for Christmas. Stores are trying as hard as they can to bring the customers in this holiday season. But why can’t it wait until after Thanksgiving? 

I wouldn’t even mind seeing a commercial or two about Christmas, but could we at least turn off the Christmas music for now? 

In my house if you listened to Christmas music or decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it was considered bad luck. 

I love Christmas- the music, the decorations, the way everyone just seems to be happier, but Thanksgiving is an equally awesome holiday, and every year I am disappointed that so many people completely forget about Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas. 

They are very similar holidays- lots of food, your family comes together, and you get a break from school. I would say the biggest difference is presents. Are we that selfish of a society that we only care about the holiday we get presents on? Shouldn’t we be thankful for everything we already have first? 

Christmas shouldn’t be all about presents anyway. It is supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ. It is supposed to be a religious holiday, yet now it is more of a commercial holiday. It is an excuse to buy and sell masses of products without money in mind. Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to be thankful for what we have- family, friends, a great education, etc. 

I personally can’t wait till Thanksgiving; I wish it would come already so I don’t have to plug my ears in Walmart to keep from hearing Christmas music.