PC gets grizzly for a cause


Razors left abandoned, shaving cream cans left half full – this can only mean one thing: No-Shave November is in full effect.

The Hill family created the No-Shave November Facebook campaign to raise cancer awareness in 2009, according to their website. 

The site also states that the premise of this annual phenomenon is to encourage men to let their beards grow for the entire month of November in support of cancer patients who lose their hair. 

By getting a bit grizzly, participants can donate the money they would have used for shaving cream and razors to the cause by purchasing No-Shave official merchandise or finding a way to educate others on the battles of cancer.    

Many of Piedmont’s men have embraced the shaggy nature of the challenge and put down their razors in support of the month’s goal of awareness. 

Whether they shaved their beards entirely to start fresh on the first day of November or just let their chin hair go from where it was, these men are showing their support.

Danny Jazrawi, a sophomore business major and international student from El Salvador had not experienced No-Shave November until coming to the states to attend Piedmont.

“I think it is a really cool tradition to take part of [as well as] a way to support a good cause,” said Jazrawi. 

Some students have joined in on the No-Shave bandwagon just as an excuse to not spend the time it takes to shave.

“I got tired of having to shave everyday for baseball during October,” said  sophomore business major Breck Davidson, who participates every year.

“I had never done it before, and I wanted to see what my little face could grow,” said sophomore business major Drew Long.

“My friends always like the transformation I have from a baby face to a more grown-up [face,]” said Jazrawi.

Whether or not the participants knowingly draw others to ask what the idea behind No-Shave November is, it has become a tradition that has grown from under 50 participants from the original Facebook page to thousands of people around the world, according to the cause’s website.

“It may soon become a Drewster tradition,” said Long.

To receive more information, donate or purchase No-Shave merchandise, visit  www.no-shavenovember.com.