Paranormal Piedmont hosts annual haunted house


Piedmont’s Getman-Babcock dorm is rumored to be the most haunted place on campus and the Campus Activity Board (CAB) took advantage of the reputation in this year’s annual haunted house. 

CAB members brainstorm creepy themes weeks in advance in order to choose the best possible option for the year. 

This year’s theme, Haunted Dorm, was straight to the point. 

Before they could even begin setup, CAB members sent their theme choices to senior theatre major Chase Weaver, who wrote the script for all of the ghostly actors. 

There is a major amount of planning that takes place in order to pull off the popular haunted house experience, and CAB members and volunteers still had their hands full on the actual week the event took place.

“After Chase wrote the script, we began doing preliminary things like getting actors, people to do makeup, costumes and prepping GB for decorating,” said junior art major Rosie Walk.

“We did as much as we could design-wise in the basement two days before the haunted house,” said junior early childhood education major and CAB member Brooke Martin. 

“We had work calls every night the week of [the haunted house] and on Thursday and Friday, we worked all day whenever we were free to,” said Martin

Prior to letting students, faculty and members of the community into the haunted house, actors spent time to ready themselves with makeup and costuming in order to really get into character.

“It was a little hectic with everyone running around and trying to get their hair and makeup done,” said junior art major Nikki Blanchard.

The seriousness of fitting the parts and learning the script didn’t hinder students from many different majors from coming together and enjoying the haunted house atmosphere.

“Everyone was having fun and looked scary, and it was a great bonding experience,” said Blanchard.

“It looked like an assembly line of dead students,” said senior art major Laura Eavenson.